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Select a PC series to suit your budget

Our MAG Series Esports lineup is the perfect entry point to PC gaming, able to play all Esports titles with ease and plenty of upgrade options.

For those wanting a bit more , the Mesh series provides capable gameplay with affordable pricing.

When performance matters, this series is ready to play any title you wish with high detail and refresh rates.

4K Gaming is yours with the High performance series, choose your Triple A title and enjoy sumptuous 4K detail.

When only the best and most powerful will do, our Elite series are truly at the top of todays gaming landscape. Power to burn at 4K resolution and a highly capable workstation or content creation tool.

Stunning timber look designs feature in our Fractal North series, when you want your PC to be a talking piece, this is the range for you.

Looking for something else?

We would love to hear from you if you would like to see something added to our store. We have access to any component eg Monitors, Keyboards, Speakers, Graphics cards, Motherboards and many more. Call or email us for a custom quote on the product you are after.