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MW2 Things you should know

MW2 Things you should know


What should you know about Modern Warfare 2?


Modern Warfare 2 is preparing to arrive this fall, and with it we get to enjoy a new story and some interesting gameplay upgrades/changes as well. How is Modern Warfare 2 different from its predecessors and what does it bring to the table? Here are some of the things to keep in mind!

A new engine

Maybe the best thing about Modern Warfare 2 is the fact that it comes with a new engine. It also delivers an FOV slider for consoles, which is a big deal. In addition, some leaks state that Modern Warfare 2 will actually have its own map editor. You can even change spawn locations, add weapon restrictions, objectives and other cool stuff. If you want, you can also change the scenery, add crates and containers, and so on.

( Leaked Camo )

Improved movement system

The movement features are important in a game like Modern Warfare 2 where every millisecond matters. They added the ability to rappel down buildings or climb them if you want. Add top that the fact that you can dive and swim, and you can see why this is a huge deal. Also, it seems that slide canceling won’t work like it did in the previous games. That certainly adds its fair share of unique ideas, while offering innovation and creativity for players.

Intense, fun campaign

A lot of people are interested in the idea of having some of the previous characters like Price or the Ghost making a return. But the story as a whole will find you fighting the various drug cartels in South America. It’s an interesting, fresh idea, and it allows us to put those new features to good use.


 ( Leaked Camo )


According to some leaks, it seems that the Modern Warfare 2 maps will be more traditional, so you can’t expect crazy leveling or anything like that. On top of that, it seems that some of the popular maps from the original MW2 game will come back in the form of remakes. In regards to weapons, the thing to note here is that we have a vast selection of melee weapons, rocket launchers, pistols, DMRs, sniper rifles, LMGs and SMGs, shotguns and so on. The new gunsmith will allow us 5 attachments per weapon, while allowing us to customize them in any way we see fit.


Game modes

Modern Warfare 2 has pretty much all the game modes that you would want, although a very important mode is making a return. Modern Warfare 2 will finally bring Gunfight 2 v 2, which is actually going to be great news for a lot of players. Some of the perks were also leaked, these include EOD, Overkill, Amped, Ghost and so on. Another important aspect here is the fact that we will have field upgrades and also the amazing killstreaks we all enjoy. The controllable bomb and the UAV are back, and they seem to also add a stealth bomber and a napalm attack.



Spec Ops is replaced by DMZ

The new DMZ mode is set to replace Modern Warfare 2019’s Spec Ops. We don’t have any specific details, but it will be something similar to the Hazard Zone in Battlefield 2042 and Escape from Tarkov. Th idea here is to find and then extract loot from the game. You can loot anything, and then infiltrate in various regions if you meet the requirements.



Modern Warfare 2 has a lot to offer, and the addition of a great story as well as the new DMZ mode does make it sound like a great option for any FPS fan. The series is finally returning to Steam as well when it launches on October 28th, but you can play the Open Beta on PlayStation between September 17-19 and the other platforms will have access between September 24-26!


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