Q. Where is your company based?

A. We operate in South East Melbourne, Victoria

Q. Can i customise my new PC?

A. Yes, Any PC can be customized with whatever you desire, or we can build your pc from scratch with your chosen components, contact us for a custom qoute.

Q. How long will my Pc take to build?

A. In general PCs are usually built and fully tested between 5 - 9 business days from the date of purchase, this can vary slightly with some components being particularly hard to source, we will let you know if any delays are expected


Q. I ordered a monitor/keyboard, how long will this take to deliver?

A. Component orders are processed as soon as payment is received and are generally with a courier within 24 hours of payment.

Q. What if an advertised item is out of stock?

A. You will be contacted to let you know approximate delivery date and offered the option of an exchange for a like product or a refund.

Q. What if a component of a PC is out of stock?

A. The same as above applies, you will be given the option of an equal exchange of component, a free upgrade or a refund, the choice is yours.

Q. Do you ship overseas?

A. Not at this stage, we are Australian only for now